Best Lorann Oils Vaping Spreadsheet – 2014

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Best Lorann Flavors for Vaping – Color Coded Spreadsheet

This will help you determine the best Lorann flavors for vaping based off the ingredients and properties of each Lorann flavor.  You can purchase Lorann Flavorings from or from (with free shipping).

Color Key
Green These Lorann Flavors are best for Vaping.  They are water soluble, they contain no artificial colorings or tryglicerides.
 Yellow These Lorann Flavorings are vaped at your own risk.  They have artificial coloring or triglycerides.  Use your own best judgement in vaping them. Caprylic Capric MSDS Sheet says there are no harmful effects expected at ambient temperature but vapors cause irritation, coughing or breathing difficulties.CaramelFD&C Blue 1FD&C Blue 2FD&C Red 3FD&C Red 40FD&C Yellow 5FD&C Yellow 6
 Red These Lorann Flavors are not ideal for vaping.  They are not water soluble, contain oil, etc.
 Purple These Lorann Flavors MAY contain Diacetyl (a flavor that is used to create a butter taste).  Diacetyl is safe to ingest, but not safe for inhalation because it causes ‘popcorn lung, aslo known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans.  **Update, I have talked to Lorann’s about this and they have said that NONE of their flavors (even the butter flavorers) have ANY DIACETYL.  That said, SOME of their flavors do contain Acetoin/Acetyl Propionyl, which can catalyze into Diacetyl, due to the molecular structure being so similar. So in truth, their flavors may contain trace amounts of diacetyl.


Item # Flavor Contains Water Water Soluble Alcohol Propylene Glycol Color Glycerine Oil Base Tryglicerides
0530 Almond Oil N
0380 Amaretto Flavor Y Caprylic Capric
0700 Amaretto – Nutty Flavor N Sweet Almond Oil
0100 Anise Oil – Natural N Natural Anise Oil
0350 Apple Flavor Y Y
0290 Apricot Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0250 Banana Crème Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Yellow 5
0830 Bavarian Crème Flavor Y Y
0200 Black Walnut Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0230 Blackberry Flavor Y Benzyl Y
0480 Blueberry Flavor Y Benzyl Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0560 Brandy Flavor Y Ethyl Y Caramel
0360 Bubble Gum Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Red 40
0140 Butter Flavor Y Y
0190 Butter Rum Flavor Y Ethyl Y
0210 Butterscotch Flavor Y Y Y Caramel
0701 Cappuccino Flavor N Caprylic Capric
0600 Caramel Flavor Y Y Y Caramel
0550 Champagne Flavor Y Y
0680 Cheesecake Flavor Y Alcohol Y
0150 Cherry Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0702 Cherry – Washington Flavor N Sweet Almond Oil
0170 Chocolate Flavor Y Y Y Caramel Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 2
0820 Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor Y Y Ethyl Benzyl Y Caramel
0212 Cinnamon Roll Flavor Y Y
0010 Cinnamon Oil N
0232 Citrus Blossom Flavor – Natural N
0080 Clove Leaf Oil – Natural N
0220 Coconut Flavor Y Y
0370 Coffee Flavor Y Y EthylBenzyl Y Caramel
0410 Coffee – Keoke Flavor Y Y Ethyl Benzyl Y Caramel
0712 Coffee – Kona Flavor N Sweet Almond Oil Canola Oil Caprylic Capric
0222 Cola Flavor Y Y Caramel
0704 Cool Crème de Menthe – Natural N Caprylic Capric
0460 Cotton Candy Flavor Y Y
0870 Cranberry Flavor Y Y
0040 Cran-Raspberry Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0510 Crème DeMenthe Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0420 Eggnog Flavor Y Y Y FD&C Yellow5, FD&C Yellow 6, FD&C Red 40
0430 English Toffee Flavor Y Y Ethyl y Caramel
0540 Ginger Oil – Natural N
0180 Grape Flavor Y Y Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0670 Grapefruit Oil – Pink – Natural N
0660 Guava Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1
0708 Hazelnut – Creamy Flavor N Sweet Almond Oil Caprylic Capric
0650 Honey Flavor Y Ethyl Y
0152 Horchata Flavor Y Y
0130 Horehound Flavor Ethyl
6030 Hot Chili Flavor Y Sweet Almond Oil Natural Pepper
0710 Irish Crème Flavor N SweetAlmond Oil Caprylic Capric
0412 Key Lime Flavor – Natural N Natural Oils
0020 Lemon Oil – Natural N Natural Lemon Oil
0840 Lemonade Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0300 Licorice Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y Caramel
0110 Lime Oil – Natural N
0875 Mango Flavor Y Ethyl Y
0270 Maple Flavor Y Y Y
0716 Mapel – Canadian Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y Caramel
0590 Marshmallow Flavor Y Y Y
0620 Melon Flavor Y Y
0860 Menthol Eucalyptus Flavor – Natural N Caprylic Capric
0850 Mint Chocolate Chip Y Y Y Caramel
0520 Nutmeg Oil – Natural N
0706 Orange Brandy Flavor N Sweet Almond Oil
0800 Orange Cream Flavor Y Y Y Caramel
0060 Orange Oil – Natural N Natural Orange Oil
0450 Peach Flavor Y Y Y FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Red 40
0280 Pear Flavor – Natural Y Ethyl Y
0580 Peanut Butter Flavor Y Benzyl Y Caramel
0640 Pecan Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y Caramel
0070 Peppermint Oil – Natural N Natural Peppermint Oil
0400 Pina Colada Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0240 Pineapple Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0630 Pistachio Flavor Y Alcohol Y
0330 Plum Flavor Y EthylBenzyl Y
0442 Pomegranate Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0390 Praline Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y Caramel
0810 Pralines and Cream Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y Caramel
0570 Pumpkin Flavor N Y Caprylic Capric
0160 Raspberry Flavor Y Y Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0714 Raspberry – Royal Flavor N Ethyl Sweet Almond Oil Caprylic Capric
0610 Red Licorice Flavor Y Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0340 Root Beer Flavor Y Y Y
0440 Salt Water Taffy Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0120 Sassafras Flavor N
0090 Spearmint Oil – Natural N Spearmint Oil
0320 Strawberry Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0711 Strawberry Banana Flavor N Sweet Almond Oil Caprylic Capric
0322 Strawberry Kiwi Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y
0470 Tangerine Oil – Natural N Tangerine Oil
0622 Teaberry Flavor No Spec Sheet for this number
0500 Tropical Punch Flavor Y Y Ethyl Benzyl Y
0490 Tutti-Frutti Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1
0310 Vanilla Butternut Flavor Y Y Y Caramel
0690 Vanilla Oil N Sweet Almond Oil
0260 Watermelon Flavor Y Y Ethyl Y FD&C Red 3, FD&C Red 40
0050 Wintergreen Oil – Natural N Natural Wintergreen Oil
0030 Wintergreen Oil – Artificial Y

We will be updating this Lorann oils vaping worksheet periodically to make sure it is up to date showing all the best tobacco, candy and other e Juice flavors.  Please save it or book mark it to use again.  Thanks for visiting.

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87 Responses to “Best Lorann Oils Vaping Spreadsheet – 2014”

  1. AsrockVaper says:

    Hi There!
    I need more help regarding this FLAVOR for vape e-juice. I am newbie learning to make own e-juice. Thank You

  2. George says:

    Im new to this aswell.Water soluble is what u want. Alot of loranns say they are’oils’ but are not. Also I’ve read alot of them contain oils and dyes tho.

  3. […] there is ultimately still a lot of uncertainty with many flavorings). There is a useful list of the flavorings from LorAnn that are considered safe for vaping and ones which […]

  4. Maguerite says:

    LOVE THEM, just wish they would remove all the colour – I suspect that’s being added, because the tastes are great. You really only need a drop. I use the pina colada a lot in hummingbird cake and I LOVE their coconut emulsion and berry flavours
    But sigh… for us here in South Africa it is a grand schlep to order them in.

  5. Ben says:

    Cappuccino Was very oily I might consider making it red

  6. Ed says:

    More to add:

    Rum: oil-based
    Vanilla (not vanilla oil): oil-based.
    Black cherry: oil-based.

    I tested these myself in water.

  7. Ed says:

    Black cherry should be added as a non-water soluble oil.
    Creme de Menthe is also oily and shouldn’t be considered water-soluble.

  8. Katie says:

    What about green apple??

  9. GEM615 says:

    I had just posted a reply to Jason’s question, but reading further – it seems that a LOT of people don’t seem to understand that YOU CANNOT VAPE FLAVOR OILS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOTTLE!!!!

    Maybe someone could post a similar chart or a mixing chart for everyone asking similar questions about vaping these oils – since they don’t understand ALL FLAVOR OILS NEED TO BE MIXED WITH PG AND VG (along w/ adding nicotine if they choose) or the roles that each of these play in creating ejuice/ eliquid for vaping. My God people, please do a little more research if it is not available here before buying any flavoring oils – as well as the few oils listed in the chart that contain additives that can be harmful. ALSO for those that like cinnamon, clove oil, etc. PLEASE RESEARCH the TOXICITY EFFECTS OF EUGENOL that is contained in them…. it should be a red flag that if something EATS THROUGH YOUR PLASTIC TANK, IT COULD BE DOING SOMETHING HARMFUL TO YOUR LUNGS.

    ALL FLAVOR OILS NEED TO BE MIXED W/ PG & VG (as well as nicotine, should you choose) BEFORE THEY CAN BE VAPED!!!

    Misinformation or lack of information is how harm comes to people that haven’t taken the time to understand how this all works – which also contributes to orgs like the FDA, etc. eventually banning these things for everybody – doing it right and wrong. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES FIRST before attempting to DIY VAPING, or just stick to buying already premixed ejuice/ eliquid available just about everywhere online.


  10. GEM615 says:

    I have been using Lorann oils for a while & actually, their cotton candy is one of my favs as well – though lately I’ve been questioning the triacetin contained in it. As far as ?vaping the oil straight out of the bottle (I’m assuming you’re asking) – it certainly doesn’t make any sensee…. it is a FLAVORING/ ADDITIVE that you would then mix (& subsequently dilute) to your BASE PG & VG – and nicotine should you choose, though is optional. Have feeling that you may first need to understand better, the role of each of these when vaping – as PG is pretty much what gives you throat hit, VG is actually what produces your cloud, flavoring is pretty self explanatory – as is nicotine. So all vaping juices/ liquids would contain varying ratios of each – depending on your personal preferences. Vaping flavor oils straight out of the bottle, honestly, makes no sense – not to mention will do a good job on your pocket, burning through $$$ for no good reason.

    As for ratios – some people do vape straight VG, though I have tried higher VG % for bigger clouds- they do seem to lack any throat hit & much flavor (for me), esp as an ex-smoker bc I like that similar feeling that I’m ‘smoking’ something. I personally prefer 60/40 PG/VG percent mix, though I’ve also had some I liked at 70/30 VG/PG… I would highly suggest NOT vaping anything straight out of the bottle.

  11. bobby says:

    When buying flavors do I buy water based or oil based flavors I’ve found both and not sure which ones to get???

  12. Sam says:

    Creme de menthe does contain colour. Yellow 5, blue 1 per label.

  13. James says:

    I would like to ask. Was that a class tank like a Kanger or plastic? Cinnamon flavors will do the same thing to plastic tanks. I love them though so all my tanks are class or steele. There is no fixing it though, once the damage is done its permanent.

    I literally twisted the top off the tank my starter kit came with. The cinnamon flavor I put in it ate right through it. Had I known I would have switched to a glass tank before vaping it.

  14. James says:

    I am wondering when the lost will be updated next. I would love to try some graham cracker but am not sure how it would be listed here. I really appreciate what you have done here thank you.

    • Rich says:

      I’ve been having trouble getting updated information from Lorann’s. When I’m able to get ahold of someone that will give me the information I’ll be happy to update.

  15. Josh says:

    I am just wondering is it safe to vape pure Lorann oils? I recently got cotton candy and I wanted to know if I could just use this or I had to mix it before use.

  16. baylen adams says:

    Is the maple flavor lorann oil safe to vape?

  17. leo83 says:

    What should I use to dilute this?

  18. leo83 says:

    Hello, how do make your batch? What do I need to buy and how much flavor you used?

  19. Kim says:

    Maybe you can ad % to the list for the amount of flavor to be used

  20. Brandon David says:

    Ok I have some almond oil but it only contains: Water, It doesn’t show how much PG is in it but it just saids PG and almond oil……Is that safe to vape???

  21. vanesa ramirez says:

    Do you know about Lorann Icing? Is it safe to vape?

  22. […] vaping! Here is a website that lists the ones that are okay to vape. Don't just buy any flavors! Best Lorann Oils Vaping Spreadsheet – 2013 | Best Vapor Flavors Reply With […]

  23. Tavian says:

    I just purchase the raspberry flavor and was wondering if im ok to vape it?

  24. Edwin says:

    I am thinking of making my own ejuice. I was wondering if you might have the LYCHEE flavor available? Thx.

  25. Larry Sims says:

    Hi want to start saying this list is excellent, been looking for one for a while now. I did notice though, the hot chili flavor is green yet contains almond oil, is it okay for vaping or was it simply coded incorrectly?

  26. Bryce strickler says:

    I recently bought a vape pen and also some of the flavors listed above. Do these contain nicotine? And how to I use them? Do I have to add anything? Or do I simply just drip it in and vape? I’d like to know before I try it out and harm myself or my vaporizer.

  27. Ed says:

    What about Cake and cookie? I purchased it recently and took a look here. It’s not listed the product number is 0756.

  28. Anthony says:

    I have rootbeer here and am using a calculator to figure amounts. Under Water/Vodka/PGA % what would I put? Is this a 100% Propylene glycol?

  29. Jana says:

    Link taken directly from LorAnn’s website. NONE of their flavors contain dactyl. Hope this helps eliminates the confusion..

  30. Mel says:

    I ordered 5 of the Lorann flavors before seeing this website…how do I know if the wintergreen that I received one that is artificial or natural?

  31. Spreedsheet says:

    Where can I download or save this from ?

  32. Allen says:

    Thanks I bought some unflavored e juice and at 50 vg 50pg and put it in 10 ml bottles mine has 12mg nicotine but you can get it with 0 to 24 mg. I first used five mil bottles leaving some room to shake well to make some nice flavors to vape using your charts there really helpful.


  33. token143 says:

    Just a quick one, of the alcohol column is empty its mean that flavor is alcohol free?

  34. Razz says:

    I read through the comments that an xml file was being created for those download. Has this been posted? and if not will it be updated every month even if there are no changes? Thanks for your efforts in putting this together BTW 😀

  35. Tom thumb says:

    I thank you for color coding, but i’l also hunting the best flavors. Are the flavors at the top of the page more highly rated for taste than the ones at the bottom, or is this just a list of their safety? WHere can i find both “green” safe o9ils but also rated by how good they taste? thanks

    • Robert says:

      Hi there

      We currently do not have this feature but are looking into offering it in the next several weeks. Please check back. Thanks. Great idea, btw.

  36. […] Butter rum from Lorann may contain Diacetyl according to this online spreadsheet. "… NONE of their flavors (even the butter flavorers) have ANY DIACETYL. That said, SOME […]

  37. […] for a beach vacation. Caution: Butter rum from Lorann may contain Diacetyl according to this online spreadsheet. "… NONE of their flavors (even the butter flavorers) have ANY DIACETYL. That said, SOME of […]

  38. hazelnut says:

    I Think this site miss the most important information.
    the compare of any color in the list to a normal cigarette.because if you put this true all vapor will be green.
    maybe tobacco company’s and taxes can one day proof that cigarettes are good vapors no.
    Until that day stay away from cigarettes and use the less devil to you.
    BTW cigarettes have more then 1600 subst that can cause cancer not only 1 or 2 ou 3.

  39. Llance says:

    Please do this for tfa laboratory and others

  40. Zboss says:

    Pulled from TFA
    Welcome to the Flavorist’s Corner!
    Custard Ingredients in Flavors
    *************************************************** NEW UPDATE 07/20/14

    There is another custard note that has not had as much attention as the others, and that ingredient is Butyric Acid. Butyric acid is found naturally in butter and milk, as well as certain cheeses, and it is sometimes used at low levels to accentuate a butter note. It is not as commonly used at as high levels as Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl, because if overdone it can lend a rather unpleasant aftertaste to a flavor. There are companies who are now using it more in place of Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl, but in reality Butyric Acid can also be irritating when inhaled.

    Also, Diacetyl can be found naturally in certain fruit extracts, so there is also the potential for trace amounts to be found in some natural extracts.
    The potential may be less for concentrated flavors not made with natural extracts.
    UPDATE 12/1/10 ……….
    I have been doing more research, and i discovered that the molecule Acetoin can under certain circumstances “catalyze” into containing minute traces of the molecule Diacetyl. When I spoke to a chemist about this, she confirmed that this can happen during the production of the molecule, but is unlikely to happen after a flavor is blended. I then had a sample of Acetoin purchased from Vigon International analyzed by GC/MS and yes, it did have trace amounts of Diacetyl! When I looked at the online specification sheet that Vigon posts, it does show that the purity of that particular product is 93-100%. Nearly every molecule that is commercially sold is somewhere in this range for purity, and this seems to be an acceptable industry standard. (Vigon is a very reputable company!) Of course, Diacetyl is a perfectly acceptable Food Flavoring, so for the Flavor and Fragrance Industry there is absolutely no problem with this particular trace occurence in the production of Acetoin. It is completely normal. But for customers wanting to avoid even trace amounts of Diacetyl, this means that any flavor that contains the ingredient Acetoin can potentially also contain trace amounts of Diacetyl, even though Diacetyl itself was never added to the blend as an ingredient. Because of this new information, I will add to the flavor descriptions of those flavors that I know contain Acetoin, so that customers can avoid those flavors if they wish. Of course, if only a small amount of acetoin is in a flavor, then the potential likelihood of there also being diacetyl is very very small.
    Introduction: I have received some calls from customers who wish to learn a bit more about some of the ingredients used in flavors. Specifically, there are 2 ingredients that have people curious. Acetyl propionyl and acetoin. Both of these ingredients are replacements for diacetyl, which is no longer being used by many (but not all) flavor manufacturers. There are some who still include diacetyl in their flavors, but it is not used as an ingredient in any of the flavors we offer. Athough acetyl propionyl and acetoin are regarded as safe for use in Food Flavors, there are studies being done as to whether there are problems with inhalation. I am no expert by any means on sensitivity and safety issues, I simply provide flavors that are Food Safe, but when customers call me with questions, I try to help in any way i can. Any time you have a flavor that has a vanilla-custardy type note to it, it will have one or both of acetyl propionyl and acetoin. There is also the possibility that there will be Diacetyl as an added ingredient, (the flavor manufacturing company that we purchase our flavors from is restricted by their insurance from using Diacetyl as an ingredient, because of employee environmental health issues, but this is not true of all flavor manufacturing companies). The flavor notes of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin are rather obvious, and once a person learns how to recognize them, they are easy to spot. Just like once you know what cinnamon tastes like, you can usually tell if a cocoa recipe has cinnamon in it just by taste! Our vanilla custard is a good example. Pretty much by definition, a vanilla custard flavor, no matter who makes it, will have both acetoin and acetyl propionyl (or diacetyl) in it. Just like it would be hard to bake a cinnamon cookie with no cinnamon, it would be really hard (pretty much impossible) to create a vanilla custard flavor with no acetoin or acetyl propionyl (or diacetyl). If you would like to learn a bit how to tell the differences, you can compare our Vanilla Custard (which has both acetoin and acetyl propionyl), with our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. The Vanilla Bean Ice cream does not have any acetoin in it, but otherwise is the same flavor as the Vanilla Custard. So by tasting the two, you can learn to taste the difference between them and learn what acetoin ‘brings to the party’. I like to experiment by tasting flavors in Cool Whip. This is a good way to learn about ingredients. Remember that both Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl are perfectly safe for food-use, so there is absolutely no problem at all with tasting these flavors in Cool Whip or water or any other food. Then you can taste our original French Vanilla Flavor, which has neither acetoin nor acetyl propionyl, and compare with our French Vanilla Deluxe, or the Vanilla Beach Ice Cream, or the Vanilla Custard, which has them. You can see how the flavors are different. By learning how to recognize these flavor components, you will be more able to recognize them in flavors by other manufacturers too! Sometimes only a little bit of these “custardy” notes are added, just as a subtle nuance. For example our waffle has a little bit, but not nearly as much as the Vanilla Custard. So to help people, we are marking the main flavors that we know contain these two ingredients, so that if you choose you can avoid them altogether! Unfortunately, we might not know of all the flavors that may contain tiny “trace” amounts, but we marked them as best we know.

  41. kate says:

    What happens if you vape a red? I just made a batch with lemon oil!

  42. Raif says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know, that the statement that Lorann’s made, saying that their flavors are free of ANY Diacetyl, is untrue. SOME of their flavors do contain Acetoin/Acetyl Propionyl, which can catalyze into Diacetyl, due to the molecular structure being so similar. So in truth, their flavors may contain trace amounts of diacetyl. Just wanted to clarify this.

  43. drkztan says:

    Hey! You might want to seek some commercial e-liquids, since a good menthol flavour with a “kick” in in (not just the actual flavour, but the fresh and minty feeling) is not easy to do for someone starting to DIY their own liquids. It requires an extra additive called “koolada” which is very strong and needs to be handled in drops / 10mils, which is hard to control. I’d recommend you try out Halo’s Subzero e-juice, it is my favourite menthol flavour. IT is SERIOUSLY strong, it clears your sinuses INSTANTLY on the first hit, and every hit after that is menthol heaven.

  44. Sean Picur says:

    Meant to say “no” fatty acids.

  45. Sean Picur says:

    Essential oils, like those in the mint family, contain to fatty acids. They’re “oils” in name only.

  46. Brandon A says:

    Way to keep your cool, Robert. Listen Pete, you vape hater, go troll another site with your “shouldn’t they all be vape at your own risk” BS. The people who are here for this information are well aware that there may be some long term effects from vaping. This was posted with the intention of providing people who will actually be using these products, a better understanding that they, while all from the same manufacturer, may each have their own inherent and different risks. Thank you again for the chart Robert!

  47. Alison says:

    We just mixed up a batch of Loranns Teaberry. The Teaberry DESTROYED my tank. It seems to have crystallized and almost embedded into the tank. Nothing we’ve done has been able to get it out. Totally ruined. Please be cautious when using the Teaberry. We will not be using it ever ever ever again

  48. VapeTech710 says:

    The MSDS states “some” irritation with skin contact, but they are referring to a barrel full of the stuff. With the amount used in the flavoring, being diluted even more once in glycerin or PG, I think it’s fair to say that NYC city air is more toxic than most of what we vape.

  49. […] The Flavoring is the best part in my opinion. This is what makes vaping so great, there are literally thousands of options, mixtures and concoctions someone could make.I really enjoy creamy flavors, and one of my favorite happens to be the Cheesecake flavor from Lorann’s Oil. Some flavors I have tried I am not a big fan of, and some people say do not mix well. Luckily someone has already done the leg work for the best and safest flavors to use. […]

  50. Jordan says:

    You’re vaping 100% peppermint oil?

  51. Hani says:

    has anyone looked into whether Triacetin’s safety for vaping? it is in almost all Lorann’s oil flavors!

  52. Hani says:

    Cola flavor contains artificial flavors, caramel, color, water, polysorbate 80, citric acid, and PG, also contains SULFITES. do you think this should be green coded, thanks

  53. Hani says:

    Hi Robert
    Thank you very much for the effort that you have put in this spreadsheet, it is like a comprehensive list of Lorann’s do’s and Don’ts. I got a quick question for you about the green coded flavors that you don’t mentioned that have alcohol in them, are these flavors alcohol free or you don’t know?
    great work

  54. kevin says:

    Are there any other producers of vape safe flavorings? I am just starting to make my own and I’m looking for the best flavoring products to buy.

  55. […] However one thing I was concerned about was the long list of ingredients on the box, which listed Orange Oil, Nutmeg Oil and Ginger Oil.  Normally such a thorough list of 17 ingredients would make me think about the conscientiousness of the producer, but the oils raised alarm bells.  I contacted the seller who was then informed by the supplier that the 2 tobacco flavour liquids I bought did not contain any oils (no confirmation on the other juices I bought).  The list of 17 ingredients were ingredients present in the whole range of e-liquids not necessarily the liquid in the box.  Nobody can answer definitively the question on the safety of vaping even though we all think it is safer than cigarettes.  There has been though a lot of debate about the safety of vaping oils.  We are now in a position of use flavour concentrates and natural flavourings rather than oils, and if there is a debate about the safety of oils and there are other options then I will stay away from oils as much as I can.  The counter argument is that we are not 100% sure that other flavourings are safe, we are only sure about avoiding diacetyl causing popcorn lung.  But here is a list of oils to avoid. […]

  56. Joe says:

    Hi. I just got a vape pen and some non nicotine liquids. I enjoy smoking menthol cigarettes very occasionally but don’t want to get addicted. I did that many years ago… Anyhow I like the flavors through the vaporizer but I want a little kick to it like a menthol cigarette has. I heard that the nicotine containing oils have a bite but I’d prefer to avoid that. I am totally ignorant about what’s out there, any suggestions?

  57. […] The main concern is over the quality of e-liquids and what goes into them.  PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are used in many food and medicinal products so are thought to be safe.  However it is the flavourings that add an unknown.  Oils are generally noted to be not great for vaping as they are not soluble.  So try to buy liquids that contain natural flavourings and do not contain oils, though it can be difficult to get an entire ingredients listing of all juices.  A nice summary of flavours and oils that are safe and unsafe to vape – via Best Vapor Flavours. […]

  58. Robert says:

    This has been fixed! Thanks for the catch.

  59. 1ANDY0nLy says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that in the chart Raspberry is highlighted green but in the color key it is yellow because of the artificial coloring. Just wanted to let you know. Also, thanks for taking the time to make this chart, it is really helpful!!

  60. Mike says:

    Amaretto should be yellow not green due to the triglycerides.

  61. Tim says:

    First thank you for a great list of the flavors we should me more cautious of. It’s amazing that you took the time to compile the list to better inform us of the dangers surrounding all of the flavoring additives.

    I was wondering if you would be able to post a link to download the list or be willing to email a copy as i would like to print it out for quick referencing.

    Again thank you for all the work you put into this.

    • Robert says:

      haha… We get asked that question from time to time. We thought about doing it, but then realized no one would come back and visit us! 🙂 Maybe we should work up a good printable version instead.

  62. Pete says:

    I’d say “vape at own risk” to everything, including the green list. At who’s risk are we vaping it ? Are you willing to be held responsible 20 years from now, if anything from that list turns out to be bad ? Didn’t think so.

    • Robert says:

      Yes, even the green is vape at your own risk. Vaping is an adult decision, just like drinking or smoking cigarettes.

  63. ThatOneGuy says:

    Yea, I’m not even gonna risk it with the purple ones, not a huge buttery fan anyway.

  64. James cudd says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I understand why you did this spreadsheet and I do think that it is helpful,but just some insight from personal experience,I only vape Loran’s peppermint oil and have been for 327 days now and will not vape anything else!so just so you know the peppermint oil works great in my protank 2 and have tried other peppermint brands and nothing compares to the peppermint oil!have a good one and keep up the good work!

  65. Derp says:

    Lemonade has polysorbate 80.

  66. Wendell says:

    Hey, Thanks for posting this. I have been wondering about this. I am almost out of all my currant flavorings and when I buy I will stay with the flavorings which are listed green.

  67. Matt Gazda says:

    So are the purples safe to vape then, and the yellow is vape at your own risk why?

    • Robert says:

      The greens are vape safe. Yellows have additives, like food coloring, so it’s up to you if you want to vape or not. The purples typically have a known substance called diactyl in them that causes ‘popcorn lung.’ However, Lorann swears none of their flavors contain diactyl. So the purples too would be vape at your own risk.

  68. Itoichi says:

    0320- strawberry flavor is green but has the same ingredients as all the other flavors in category yellow with red40 & blue1. So is it a green or yellow? Thanks.

  69. justin says:

    in a reply from lorann they said ‘none of our flavours contain diacetyl’
    have you contacted lorann to to confirm your worry that some of their flavours may contain this horrible compound?

    • Robert says:

      I have confirmed this with Lorann, but you never know still. I’d be curious if someone else that contacts them gets the same answer from a different person.

  70. carrie says:

    Do you have this available in xls format?

  71. Rita Fulkerson says:

    Hi,I’m very glad I found this site as I’m beginning to make my own ejuice and it is very helpful.I did also notice that almond oil is in the green zone yet is NOT water soluble.I want to thankyou for posting this spread sheet, it saves me all the fine print ingredient research.

  72. Rita Fulkerson says:

    In your color key description at the top of the page, the green color says these flavors are NOT water soluble, is that a misprint? I’m confused.

    • Robert says:

      Gosh Rita, you’re right. We had a mis-print in the color key. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. The color key has been fixed. Greens are water soluble. Let me know if I can do anything else to help.

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