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Serious Vapor

Rate This page is dedicated to the serious vapor that wants their vape their way (tinkering with how much cloud, throat hit and flavor they want). They often mix their own flavors (but can also order premade mixes). They love all the mech mods voltage and wattage variables with thousands of customizable head/mod options and […]

Serious Vapor DIY Vaping Startup Kit

Rate I’ll be honest with you.  We make a tiny bit of income when you order from  We are TRYING to make money from referring you to Ecigexpress (but they are proving to be incompetent at least with their ability to pay affiliates like me a small percentages to pass on the best unbiased […]

Amazon Has Everything You Need for DIY E Juice Mixing

Rate Surprisingly, you can purchase everything you need for DIY e Juice mixing from I say that – but the one thing Amazon is not licensed to sell is the nicotine.  So really, if you want to purchase from Amazon alone, you will have to be vaping nicotine-free ejuice. If you’re a prime member […]

How Much Flavor? Tinkering with eJuice Flavor Percentages

Rate When making your own e juice and testing out flavors you can start by making tiny bottles of juice and varying the flavor strength so that you can compare each e juice flavor percentage side by side.  That way you can see if the flavor you bought works, and what percentage you like it […]

PG vs VG – differences at various ratios explained

Rate What’s the difference between having a PG vs VG base solution for your e juice flavor? The things that are affected by PG vs VG in e juice mixes are throat hit, vapor and consistency. PG and VG usually do not affect flavor. However, flavors can cause changes in throat hit causing very little […]

Clearomizer vs Atomizer

Clearomizer vs Atomizer 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote I’m going to very quickly and easily break down the differences between a clearomizer and a rebuild-able atomizer by using a side by side table.   First I’m going to start with a basic definition about what each is. Clearomizer A clearomizer is a prebuilt wick and coil […]

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