DIY e liquid starter kits

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It takes a lot to start mixing your own ejuice.  You have to purchase a lot of supplies (not just the flavors and the flavorless PG/VG base liquid).  You also have to get dropper bottles, syringes, syphons and pipettes.  There is a simple way to start mixing, though.  Purchase a DIY eliquid mixing starter kit.

Where to get an e liquid starter kit

eSmokeClub offers several DIY kits.  They also have FREE shipping on orders over $20.  Because of the free shipping, this is probably the best place to purchase a starter mixing kit.

  • They offer a $20 “Basic eLiquid DIY Mixing Kit” that comes with 30mls of flavorless nicotine juice with 3 LorAnn flavorings of your choice.  It also comes with glycerin, dropper bottles, pipettes, syphons and everything you need to get started mixing your own ejuice.
  • For $30 you can get an “Advanced DIY eLiquid Kit.”  This kit comes with everything from the Basic eLiquid kit plus an additional Lorann flavor (4 flavors total) and 10mls of  PG Flavorless eLiquid (for a total of 40mls).
  • For $40 you get a “Pro DIY eLiquid Kit.”  This kit comes with everything from the Advanced DIY eLiquid Kit but 60mls of flavorless nicotine juice (instead of 40nls) and 6 LorAnn flavors of your choice (instead of 4).

More e liquid starter kits on the market

You can also purchase DIY starter ejuice mixing kits from the following companies.

You can also compare the prices of these DIY e liquid kits to outright purchasing all the ingredients yourself using our e liquid calculator.

Another aspect to consider, is to make sure you are choosing VAPE SAFE Lorann Flavors.

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